My mill is off the hinges

An alarming vision

Once upon a time, I saw a dream that keeps haunting me ever since. It was something between a nightmare and an arthouse movie. A windmill. An old squeaky windmill, with crooked blades and wormholes, spinning slowly against a flaming sky. That’s it. Nothing else. Just this bizarre meal and this surreal scenery filled with fire. When I woke up, I was half-scared half-thrilled. And proud of my own subconscious. I took my chances with a dream book which made things even more confusing. And even called my grandma who is an ancestral witch. But she only told me to drink more goat weed tea and wear a blessed pin she gave me when I turned eighteen. In a couple of days, the freshness of the image wore out, but I could never get it out of my head. Why am I telling you this? You’ll see in a while…

I’ve had a sign…

This very morning, years after I saw that freaky dream of mine, I was enjoying my usual cup of Latte and a few peaceful minutes of internet surfing before looking at the clock, giving a … and hurrying out to catch a bus. I was late for work, though. Because I saw a windmill from my dream painted on canvas! It totally took me aback. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Here it is, this fateful windmill painting. See for yourself:

  • There is a mill, it’s old and shabby.
  • The sky is on fire and the entire scenery looks pretty disturbing.
  • Look at the canvas, it’s not real! Everything is blurred and bizarre… just like in a dream!

I’m gonna tell you, it was kind of startling! Seeing a screenshot from my ancient night vision and all… I would have taken it for some kind of a supernatural message if I hadn’t followed the link and seen the name of the artist who painted it – Leonid Afremov. He is totally legit and has a whole site full of such pictures. So it must have been just a coincidence… Or not?.. Do you think I can be The Chosen One? That would make my mom so proud… Seriously, jokes aside, has something like this ever happened to you? What do you think should I do about it? Perhaps I need to buy that painting of windmill and try using it as a portal to a parallel dimension? My hands are shaking as I’m pouring myself another cup of goat weed tea…



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